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conservation seedeings

Conservation Trees

  • Conservation Grade Seedlings are offered for sale annually to SERCD residents. ORDER YOUR 2021 SEEDLING TREES HERE.  You must reside with the SER Conservation District. Please contact Garrett for assistance and species availability before ordering.
  • Cost Share available for conservation tree plantings.  Landowner must live on 5+ acres to apply.  Cost Share components include:  site prep, planting, weed barrier, drip system and tree protectors.  Fencing may also be included.


  • Living Snowfence:  These plantings help to protect roadways from drifting snow.  Private lands may qualify with landowner permission.

For further information contact Garrett Pantle, Resource Specialist:

tire tank

Tire Tank Sales

  • Tanks are available for purchase by private landowners.


  • Wildlife escape ramps are available at no cost to all producers who have installed tanks.


  • Tanks are also available for NRCS cost share programs and other partner agencies.

For further information contact Garrett Pantle, Resource Specialist:

natl resource edu

Natural Resource Education

  • Classroom presentations, Zoom lessons, and hands-on activities throughout each school year to CCSD#1 and #2 students, Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County, area home-school groups and other community organizations. Lessons at camps and other venues are available upon request.


  • Ag Bookmark Contest, Ag Day CCSD#2, Carbon County Ag Expo, Carbon County Fair.


  • Lead Educator for Staddle Camp attended by Chicago area middle school students each summer.


  • Presentations, lessons, materials and supplies available.

For further information contact Leanne Correll, Education/NEPA Coordinator:



  • Annual planning with partner agencies to identify and prioritize field projects and cost share availability.


  • Minimize water delivery maintenance and improve fish passage through irrigation diversions.


  • Streambank restorations to address erosion problems, improve river stability, protect structures and valuable Ag land and enhance wild trout habitat.


  • Native riparian seeding, willow clumps and stakes complete the restoration process.

For further information, contact Joe Parsons, District Manager:

rangeland enhancement

Rangeland Enhancement

  •  Annual planning with partner agencies to identify and prioritize field projects.


  •  Assist landowners with development and implementation of monitoring plans.


  • Installation of wildlife friendly fencing. On-going identification of future fencing projects.


  • Water development for beneficial use by both livestock and wildlife.


For further information, contact Garrett Pantle, Resource Specialist:

land use planning

Land Use Planning

  •  Adopted and implementing a local long range land use and natural resource management plan to have a substantive impact on federal/state/county decisions, plans, policies, and programs. The plan is updated every five years.


  • Take an active role in developing working relationships with many local, state, and federal agencies which impact the District.


  • Participate as a cooperating agency in federal decision-making processes.


  • Review, analyze, advocate, and comment on local, state and federal legislation, rules and regulations promulgated or revised that may have an effect on the District and its residents.


Click here for On-going Land Use Planning Information


For further information, contact Leanne Correll, Education/NEPA Coordinator: