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community outreach


There's so much information to share with you about natural resources, quality of life, the Conservation District, and the sheer joy of living in Wyoming.  Check this page often for new info.

Fall Colors – Did You Know?

Warm sunny days and cool dry nights help to create more intense colors as the trees begin to display their fall foliage.   And the needles on Evergreen trees such as pines, spruces and firs do not fall off in the winter because they are covered with a heavy wax coating and fluids inside the cells contain substances that resist freezing.


SERCD hosts a number of events during the year. Please check below to see what's happening and to sign up for an event. We look forward to seeing you there!

HEALTH EVENT: Rural Health Series with Total Coliform Test Kits are now available free of charge to District residents. This Kit is to test domestic well drinking water. For further information contact our office at 307-326-8156.