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Board Info: 

  • Elected by popular ballot during general election
  • Serve 4 year terms without pay
  • Attend monthly board meetings, Area IV Annual Meeting and WACD Annual Convention, various public agency meetings and seminars
  • Oversee District programs and projects
  • Provide direction to District Staff
  • Engage public opinions and concerns
  • Ensure taxpayer’s money is used wisely

Associate Members:  They are appointed and do not vote but provide input in various areas.


Saratoga Encampment Rawlins Conservation District  - P.O.Box 633, 101 Cypress Ave., Saratoga, WY 82331

Phone: 307-326-8156

Saratoga NRCS Direct Phone Line: 307-326-5657

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Board of Supervisors

Arla Strasser, Chairwoman

Rural Representative

Arla Strasser, Chairwoman

Dan Mika, Vice Chairman

Urban Representative

Dan Mika, Vice Chairman

Chris Williams, Secretary

Rural Representative


Randy Arnold, Treasurer

At-Large Representative

Randy Arnold, treasurer

Scott Kerbs, Member

Rural Representative

Scott Kerbs

Jack Berger

Associate Member

Jack Berger, assoc member


Joe Parsons, District Mgr.
Joe Parsons, District Manager

Joe grew up in Hulett, WY.  After serving four years in the Marine Corps, Joe graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology and Management.  He joined SERCD as District Manager in 2012. He oversees all District operations, natural resource field projects and maintains working partnerships with various agencies.  Joe was named the WACD Outstanding Employee of the Year in 2017.  And he most recently accepted the U.S. Forest Service 2018 Rise to the Future Award on behalf of SERCD for his work with partner agencies to improve fisheries.

Jordynn Holmberg, Office Admin
Jordynn Holmberg, Office Administrator


Jordynn was hired as Office Administrator in November, 2022. She grew up in Norfolk, NE and holds a degree in Agri-Business from Northeast Community College. Jordynn moved to Saratoga in May, 2022. She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and the beautiful landscape views in the Upper North Platte Valley.
Jordynn oversees budgeting and the financial operations for the District. She will also compile the Annual Report and Plan of Work.
Jordynn is excited to utilize her degree and ag experience for on-the-ground natural resource projects and assist with all District Programs.

Garrett Pantle, resource specialist
Garrett Pantle, Resource Specialist


Garrett joined SERCD in 2016.  He is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a BA in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management and minors in Forest Resources and Reclamation and Restoration Ecology. Garrett is responsible for District field projects which develop and enhance natural resources for Ag producers and residents. He works with partner agencies and private landowners, completes grant applications and reimbursements and also the District’s Annual Report and Plan of Work.

Leanne Correll, NEPA Consultant
Leanne Correll, NEPA Consultant

Leanne has been the District’s NEPA Consultant since 2014. She holds a BS in Animal Science from Colorado State University and MS in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management from the University of Wyoming.

Leanne represents the District on local, state, and Federal projects which have the potential to impact the District.

Justin Stern, Water Resource Specialist/Education Coordinator
Justin Stern, Water Resource Specialist/Education Coordinator

Justin joined the District in August, 2022. He holds a BS in Geology and an MS in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management from the University of Wyoming.

Justin has a background in water resources and will be responsible for the further development and implementation of the Water Conservation Program. He will also oversee the Natural Resource Education Program.

Email: justinrstern@gmail.com